$950 to 2500

Light snacks

Local Weddings rehearsal dinner

Spa Treatment

Arranging massages

Preparing Tea Time

Checking in your Vendors

Helping the Bride at the Church or Venue

2 course Meal (Gourmet Style)

Preparing meals for the bride and groom at there reception.

Escorting the bride to her guardian or Father

Assisting the bride at the wedding rehearsal dinner

Price Packages will depend on Travel and hours: 10 hours

Indian Wedding, I was so honored to be apart of this culture.

She enjoyed her bath.

Congrats to the 2018 Bride. 

Mother of the Bride looked so stunning.

Bride had a great breakfast. Ham and Spinach Omelette, with fresh tomato and mozzerella.

She will receive the very best.

My wonderful July 2016 Bride

I love the joining of two hearts.

After the wedding, I prepare their meals for them and break the linen in there lap and serve them with honor and prestige as the new husband and wife.

I'm completely dialed in, when it comes to the bride. I'm always looking for ways to make her life easier on this remarkable day.

I have 119 properties all across the world, where you can go on your honeymoon, from Destin, Florida to Greece. I will arrange accommodation accept for flights, only suite, my services and some off property events. These properties automatically come with my services, where you will receive Brunch daily prepared by me and snacks throughout the day.

My fairytale bride

2016 Greatest Brides

I travel to Buffalo, Ny to Butler this elegant Bride.

snacks and mimosa's for the bridal party

This was by far, the most laid back bride of 2016.

She was so awesome to take care of.

Part of my duties is to invoke the toast, this is a service for the bride to thank all who participated in the producing, the volunteering, and for those who just was apart of her wonderful day. CHEERS!