1.Cigar Service $650

Live Cigar Rollers making some of the finest cigars right there in front of you. 

2. Dinner Party $300 to $2500

Help plan your dinner party, for any occasion. Also I can also prepare meals for you and your guest, also provide staff if it's a party of 12 or more. 

3. Travel Internationally $900 to $5000

Overnight services, to short term travel, packing, unpacking, meal prep.arranging car services from the plane.

4.Destination Bridal trips $750 to $2000

Preparing meals for the bride and the bridal party, drawn bath, fluffing, checking in vendors, assist at the church, riding with you at times to the venue. Serving the bride and groom at the reception personally. 

5.Providing a Private Chef at your beckon $450 to $3500

We also know the greats in the Culinary field and whatever your dietary needs are, we will meet them by providing the right Chef for your event

6.Concierge Service $400

Booking flights, arrange your villa, house, airport transportation, Excursions

7.A month term Butler $3700- Room and board is required

Preparing meals, oversea lawn care, help serve at dinner parties, co- plan with the chef, packing and unpacking, running errands. Light housekeeping, Arranging spectacular events for the Principal. In charge of Party flow, hiring the staff.

8.Butler to the Bride $950 to $2000

Preparing light tiers of snacks for her, drawn bath with beautiful petite roses and lavender scented ointments, checking in vendors, running errands, doorman duties, invoking the toast, stepping out while the bride is getting ready, I'm in corrensponding with limo driver to make sure he's on time, fluffing her, assist at the church and serving husband and bride at the reception personally.

9.Celebrity Services $450

Assisting in the green room, Concert Venue green room, Lounge, V.I.P areas.

10.Head Butler for your event $750.

Making sure the flow of the party is always moving in the right direction, inviting guest to join us in the dinning room for dinner, always in great communication with chef to let him or her know the status of time, if there is waitstaff to inform them of anticipation of needs and to work elegantly yet attentively.

11. Tea Parties $350

Setting the table with nice linen for guest, decorating, preparing tea tiers for guest which includes: scones, tea cakes, tea sandwiches, crumpets. 

12. Motivational Speaker for Restaraunt staff or Guest Services $500

13.-Wedding Butlers for Reception $1500

6 capable well trained waitstaff for your wedding reception, passing canapés, drinks throughout the venue.

14.Gourmet Picnics for 2. $300

A great way to show that special someone how much you care by hiring Mr. Wilson to set up and bring romance to central park or in your living room. Additional Charges for more guest.

15.Real Estate Butler with Showings $280

The butler will open the door for your guest/potential buyers, pass canapés and champagne, all food is provided and prepared by the butler. (Weather may play a role, don't worry we can reschedule.

16.Private Jet Service $800 to $3000

For exclusive high end Principal that may need extra assistance with travel. Arranging, meal prep, concierge

17. Local Surprise Getaways $450 to 3500

Whether in the big city of New York or Boston, the butler will set up the most enchanting evening with dinner, entertainment, hotel or vacation home.

We do not refund on services unless it's done in a 30 day advancement. You'll be credited on services if you cancel and reschedule on a different calendar date.