Welcome to our Accommodations page. We only provide what you need from packages for events, house, villas, penthouse apartments, even yachts. If you see 1 star next to the property that means it only comes with breakfast. 2 stars breakfast and dinner. The Butler also helps out with reservations and planning before arrival and while you are on location. The butler is a live in, where he will prepare meals for you daily. He's very discreet, he's there to make life happier and to tend only to your needs. His hours of operations while on location is 8 am to 7 pm daily. 

Payments are an optional or simply pay in full. If you are paying payments, you will be assigned a due date and must meet and complete it. There is absolutely no refunds. 

Please select one of our properties down below and if you are interested call or email to let us know before booking.

We can't wait to see you soon. CHEERS!!!